Artem Shabrov Confirmed as Driver for 2018 Season with Fast & Speed USA.

Artem Shabrov Joining Fast & Speed USA from Russian and European Motorsports in Upcoming FXAutocross Events.

With the current declaration of 6 season races affirmed at Perris Auto Speedway and more races to be included at both new and existing tracks in the western United States, proficient driver Artem Shabrov ends up as one of the principal drivers from Russian and European categories to affirm his entrance to a full season in the new arrangement at FXAutocross.

“We are exceptionally eager to have Artem Shabrov join us in our new season for an extremely energizing first year of FXAutocross Racing. He will add his European flavor and experience with these vehicles here in the US.” – Igor Palagin.

Prior to the upcoming events, Artem had a chance to visit us and run tests at Perris Auto Speedway in Southern California. We await his return from Russia, as the new FXAutocross motorsport brings a renewed spirit to dirt racing. “It is exciting to see FXAutocross and Fast & Speed USA re-energize professional race car drivers and fans around the world in this new arena of dirt racing here in the United States.”- Artem Shabrov


Artem Shabrov is an experienced professional driver, born June 12, 1979, Moscow. Classified as Master of Sports of Russia (badge number 095336). A multiple winner and prize-winner of all-Russian competitions. Beginning of his sports career started since 1991:

  • DOSAAF of the USSR Victoria. Automobile cross on ska buggy.
  • October 24, 1998 3 place autocross championship of Moscow, test group d3 / 5 buggy, as part of the Red Racing rally team.
  • Multi-stage championship of the Russian Armed Forces 2 nd place, Test group T-1 / 4×4 in CSKA Moscow.
  • 2002 Russian Cup Rally Sprint 1 place, class sport 4×4 in the team Krasmotorsport.
  • June 10, 2005 Russian Cup autocross 2nd place. Т-1 / 4х4, command 147 АBМО.
  • December 24, 2006 Grand Prix of the Governor of the Ryazan Region on autocross 1 place.
  • 2006 Russian Championship auto-race T-1 / 4×4, 1 place in the team 147 ABMOs.
  • 2007 Russian Cup Autocross T-1 / 4х4 2 place, 147АБМО.
  • 2008 Grand Prix of the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Mr. Istra 2nd place, 147АБМО.
  • 2011 Russian Championship autocross D3 buggy 3 place.
  • 2015 Russian Championship auto-race T-1 / 4×4 4 place.
  • July 29, 2017 USA Perris Auto Speedway 3rd place.
  • September 2, 2017 USA Perris Auto Speedway, 2 place.