Fast & Speed USA

Legendary European championship autocross racer Johnny Hakvoort developed Fast and Speed Rally Autocross cars, these cars continue to compete and win championship races including Dakar, Roc, and multiple European events, Fast and Speed USA is the exclusive builder of these cars and are now available in the United States, building the same championship quality and performance as available in Europe. Fast and speed brings you several models to the USA including the most popular cross cart and world famous rally autocross cars, weather you want to race on asphalt or dirt or both, Fast and Speed has the car for you, they are highly customizable to fit a wide range of budgets and performance.

If you desire to compete at an international level or as an occasional local racer we have the design for you. For competitive events near you subscribe to the all-new Formula X Autocross.

Interested in a race car please contact Fast & Speed USA official site.